When I decided to place my home on the market I was not sure which agent to list with. I am so glad I choose Bayside First National. They have been very caring with phone calls informing me of the feed back after each inspection. Bayside Real Estate have sold my home and it has been a pleasure dealing with them.

Phil Irwin

We've owned rental properties for 20 years and met Peter and Rhonda 10 years ago. Finally found principals who actively participate in the management of their rent roll. We can go away confident they'll make the right decisions when the unexpected happens.

C. Lines
28 June 2015

I just want to say an absolutely huge THANK YOU to Ryan our new property manager. He was so welcoming at the viewing of the property, compassionate and understanding. Mi felt like I had known him for a long time. The processing of our application was fast and it was obvious the great relationship he makes with his owners and tenants. I am so looking forward to moving into our new home and taking care for it for our owner and Ryan.

J. Josey
27 May 2015

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